Friday, July 23, 2010

TOC: Save Vui Kong Campaign kicks off in Sabah

TOC: Save Vui Kong Campaign kicks off in Sabah


 Malaysian politicians and activists have started the campaign to save 22-year old Vui Kong from the death sentence in Singapore. The event kicked off with a press conference held in Sandakan, Sabah, the hometown of Vui Kong. Sabah Member of Parliament, Datuk Chua Soon Bui, and Vui Kong’s lawyer, Mr M Ravi, were present to lend support to the campaign. So were Vui Kong’s younger sister, Vui Fung, and older brother, Yun Leong, as well as dozens of relatives and supporters.

Datuk Chua said: ”This campaign is for humanity. It is above politics. We appeal to the state government to intervene and support us.”

Datuk Chua also pointed out that Yong can give back to society by reaching out to young people who might be vulnerable to drug traffickers. Rather than kill him, he should be allowed to repent and share his story.
Campaigners will hit the streets of Sandakan tomorrow (23 July, Friday) to appeal to the public to support their cause. They hope to collect 100,000 signatures by August 23. (To sign the petition, please click here.)
Vui Kong has until 26 August 2010 to file an appeal for clemency with the Singapore president. As there is only about a month before the deadline for the clemency appeal, TOC will carry news and reports of the campaign as and when they happen.

Here are some pictures from Sabah of the press conference in Sabah on Thursday.
M Ravi (with MP Chua): ”He is not a criminal. He is a victim of poverty.” During the press conference in Sandakan, Ravi explained how Singapore’s Law Minister K Shanmugum’s comments about Yong had prejudiced his clemency appeal. ”We are here on a united front to save this boy from being unfairly executed.”

Ngeow Chow Ying, Yong’s Malaysian lawyer: ”Everyone’s life is precious and worth fighting for. Yong Vui Kong is still so young. He comes from an impoverished background. He deserves a second chance. He can be a strong anti-drug advocate. Who doesn’t deserve a second chance?”

“The death penalty is a controversial issue, but the fundamental question is, can it solve problems? What purpose does killing this boy serve? What problem does it solve?”

Stephen Wong Tien Fatt, Sandakan community leader: ”Everyone knows Yong Vui Kong committed a crime. He knows that too. He is repentant. He deserves a second chance.”

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