Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vui Kong's story in a play produced by Amnesty International M'sia

Banduan Akhir” is a story inspired by the real story of Yong Vui Kong, a Malaysian boy who is facing the Death Penalty in Singapore.

 In 2007, the 18 years old boy from a broken family in Sabah was arrested with 47 grams of heroin and sentenced to Mandatory Death Penalty. 

Since then, Vui Fung, a Malaysian girl is struggling for her brother, Yong Vui Kong from the Death Penalty. For more than 3 years, she's facing with a lot of difficulties from the authorities to save her brother. 

Nevertheless, with Ravi, the prolific Human Rights lawyer in Singapore, both of them 'believe' that something can be done to save Yong Vui Kong's life. 

This 50 minutes drama will potray the dark hours of Yong Vui Kong facing the cruel Death Penalty.

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